Beginning of Semester Updates from the Farm

Greetings from the Farm!

As the summer winds down and the semester begins I wanted to check in and give some updates on what’s been going on at the farm and how to get involved this semester.

We had a bit of a tough summer with a couple bouts of serious heat and a pretty nasty squirrel infestation. As a result, a lot of our crops suffered, but ultimately we got through it! Unfortunately, though, we’ve now entered our most fallow period of the year. Almost all of the summer crops have reached their end and September is typically too hot to start fall planting so we wait until October to begin again. So, if you happen to find yourself down on the farm and the planting looks a bit sparse it’s just because we’re in transition. Come October, though, the farm should start to come back to normal again.

The first week of classes is ending and it’s been great to see familiar and new faces around the farm and campus. I’ve had a great time engaging with and meeting new students at a variety of events during orientation and am looking forward to welcoming new students to the farm.

With that in mind I’m happy to let you all know that our first community potluck of the year will be on Friday September 21st at 5:00pm so come join us for a nice meal down at the farm! Also before the potluck, at 4:30, we’ll be having our annual Farm Orientation where students who are currently involved with the farm will give tours and talk about the different ways to get involved.

There’s no need to wait for Farm Orientation to get involved, though. We’ll be having regular volunteer hours at the farm from 4-6pm on weekdays and 10am-12pm on Saturdays starting on Tuesday Sept. 11th. No need to sign up in advance or stay for the whole time, just come at any point in the two-hour window, find us on the farm (don’t forget to check the East Side!), and hop in.

I’m also looking for student volunteers to help take care of the chickens. It’s a super low time commitment and a great way to get some regular animal time in your life. If you’re interested let me know via email.

Finally, as always, plots on the West Side are available to check out and turn into your own garden. We have plenty of seeds, compost, and tools for you to use so all you need to do is bring yourself down to the farm! Again, let me know via email if you’re interested and I can get you set up with a plot.

As always, thanks for supporting the farm in whatever way you do and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to be in touch!

All the best,