Greetings from the New Farm Manager

Greetings friends of the farm!

My name is Peter and I’m the new farm manager and I thought I’d just send out a brief introductory email to let you know a bit about myself.

As Mary Alice said in her last email I just graduated from Pomona this May with a degree in Linguistics and Cognitive Science. I’m originally from outside of Boston and consider myself a real New Englander but I’m happy to be spending one more year in beautiful Southern California. Besides farming I love to cook (so keep an eye out for more cooking workshops this year!) and do crossword puzzles.

I’ve been working at the farm since my first semester at Pomona and I’m super excited to take on the challenge of being farm manager. Throughout my years at the farm I’ve witnessed the leadership of four great farm managers who have each brought a unique approach to managing the farm and I’m looking forward to building upon the work that they’ve put in.

As for the farm itself, summer produce is starting to get into full swing with our first tomato harvests this week (check them out on our Instagram! @pomona.farmstagram) and figs and mulberries are on their way. If you’re interested in getting a taste of our summer crops consider stopping by the Sagehen Café on campus for their lunch special with produce from the farm, available every Friday!

Throughout the summer we’ll be having our regular volunteer hours every Saturday from 10am-12pm so feel free to come on by and get your hands dirty! (NB: because of the heat I’ve decided to cancel volunteer hours this Saturday 7/7) And if getting dirty isn’t your speed just come on by and take a walk around the farm, see what’s growing, and say hi to our chickens!

For those of you in the LA area, stay cool out there, and thank you all for supporting the work we do on our little farm. I’m looking forward to a great year!