Potluck and Family Weekend

Hi all,

Climate change is here and it poses major threats to our delicate agricultural systems. After a couple chilly weeks of winter we are facing temperatures in the high 80s that is uncharacteristic even for Southern California. Our delicate cool season crops like snap peas and greens are wilting in the beating sun, but will next week be back to night time lows of 30 degrees? Has winter jumped over spring and entered summer full force? Should we compost the cabbage starts in the greenhouse and begin planting squash and okra, or will one good cold snap take those out as well? These are the questions farmers are starting to ask more and more as our climate begins to become unpredictable.

In light of the undoubtedly turbulent road ahead for our changing climate we must adapt our food system to be resilient and work with nature, rather than a simplistic monoculture attempting to tame the variables of our natural world. And the roots of this resilience will be strong local food communities. And what better way to build community than a good ol’ fashioned potluck?

-Join us this Thursday at 4pm for a Potluck on the Farm! This event will be cosponsored by Common Vision, an California school garden organization founded by Pomona alumni. Please bring a dish to share and RSVP on our Facebook event.

-This weekend is Family Weekend at Pomona College and the Farm will be having volunteer work hours, guided educational tours, and a farm stand featuring smoothies and pizza made with farm ingredients. Bring mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa, it’ll be a great time! Check out our Facebook event for more info.