Celebrations on the Farm

Hi all,

This week we have a special combination of extra festive celebratory workshops. Tomorrow (Tuesday 2/2) we will be planting new fruit trees on the Farm to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shvat. Tu B’Shvat is also known as “the new year for the trees” or the “birthday of the trees,” and to celebrate we will be planting persimmons, olives, and pomegranates while we nom down on some kosher fruit snacks. Rabbi Yossi Matusof of Chabad will share about the history of the holiday while we plant trees into the sunset.

The celebrations continue Friday at 4pm with the first cooking workshop of the semester. Our new cooking workshop coordinator Olivia Whitener will be leading us as we make dumplings with veggies from the Farm to celebrate Chinese New Year. Stick around afterwards for our first Farm Friday potluck of the semester.

RSVP to these events on our Facebook page:

-Tu B’Shvat Tree Planting Celebration; Tuesday 2/2, 4pm

-Dumpling Cooking Workshop; Friday 2/5, 4pm