Cool Cole Crops

Hello all!

Shorter days, double layers, and frozen fingertips are a welcome sight for farmers and crops alike here in Claremont. The intense, mythological level of summer heat has passed and the brisk SoCal fall means it is time for brassicas.

The colder temperature has driven away the hated bagrada bug and allow cole crops like cabbage, broccoli, kale, and collards to thrive without fear of bolting. Wild arugula is popping up in the West orchard, and countless plots of giant purple mustard have been sown. Fingers are crossed that the cabbages will head up and there is a near ocean of kale.

Looking forward to this week:

Thursday 12/3: LAST FARM STAND OF THE SEMESTER. 3:15-5:15 on Walker Beach. Email Emily Hill at if you would like to volunteer selling/harvesting produce. There will be greens, radishes, citrus, herbs, and more!

Friday 12/4: Backyard Chicken Basics: 2:30pm, West Farm chicken coop. Curious about keeping chickens at home? Dream about waking up to fresh eggs every morning? Come down to the Farm this Friday to get a basic overview of chicken care, urban chicken laws, and coop necessities.

Saturday 12/5: The Farm is excited to host the Food Forward Inland Valley Meet and Greet. Come learn about this awesome organization, tour the farm, make DIY tea mixes, and learn about citrus tree care from 1-3pm. Join us before from 10-12pm for our regular scheduled volunteer workday!