Crickets, Mealworms, Black Ties, and Boots

Hello all!

The all too short Fall break is already coming to an end, but luckily the Farm has a week of workshops and celebration to welcome you back!

This weeks’ workshops focus on the practice of Entomophagy! For those not well versed in Greek, Entomophagy refers to the consumption of insects. Now before your preconceptions of food kick in, there are many reasons to add our six-legged friends to your diet. In fact over 2 billion people eat insects as a large part of their diets, and the U.N. recommends increasing our insect consumption as a way to mitigate climate change and feed the world. Whether you are looking for a leaner protein, want a more sustainable meat, or simply love the taste, there are plenty of reasons to grub the grub.

In hopes of creating an entomophagous scene here in Claremont, the Farm will be hosting two workshops this week to get you started:

In less insectary news, this Saturday 3-6pm is Fall Festival on the Farm. This is the Farm’s biggest event of the year and there will be food, live music, DJs, a farm prom themed photo booth, games, and more! This year’s theme is “Farm Formal.” Come out in your best combination of farm and fancy. Some ideas include: overalls and blazers, bow-ties and flannels, ball gowns and cowboy boots. The possibilities are really endless! Families, friends, and dogs are encouraged to attend. You can RSVP on our Facebook event here.

Peas and carrots,