We are saddened to report that last night our farm was struck with a streak of vandalism and property destruction. Crops and trees on both the East and West side were destroyed, our compost area flooded, our beehives knocked down, our tractor tampered with, and windows of our beloved Earth Dome broken. Campus security is in the process of investigating the case, and if you have any relevant information please forward it along to them.

However, it is times like these where the strength and beauty of our community stand out. The senseless acts of destruction brought upon our space do nothing to harm our community or farm, they only harm those who commit them. Our devoted students and community members passionately worked today to clean, repair, and rebuild, in an act of true devotion to the land and love for our farm. We encourage you to come out to our weekly volunteer hours, Saturdays 10-12pm, to help us continue to care for and love this 1.2 acres we have come to hold so dear. Our community, and our food forest, are resilient.