Peace in Plants


A mid-summer missive! The plants are loving this sunshine and stretch greedily outwards, devouring paths in their wake. We’ve had hundreds of cantaloupe, cucumber and butternut flowers bloom, and with all the optimism of a plant some have even set and begun their bulbous growth (but not all will manifest, so it goes). The evenings at the farm are particularly lovely, what with the sun slowly setting late, the trees radiating back all the sunshine of the day, and the leaves rustling and settling into night. It is difficult not to have peace of mind immersed in such constancy of being, in such faithful harmony. The farm has recently enveloped into its fold a lovely light by the name of Sister Dhammadinna. She is a buddhist nun who is drawn to all of this rustling and greets it with a wonderful, crinkly smile. We have been scheming, and are happy to announce a new phase in the farm’s offerings:

Sevensteps-walk & Meditation Practice: Sundays 7-8pm on the West Side of the Farm
Led by Sister Dhammadinna and starting this Sunday, June 14. These sessions are free and open to any and all. You don’t have to have experience in meditation to join. There is nothing like silence and peace to celebrate a warm summer evening. I am excited about this new articulated link between natural spaces and mental/spiritual health, and hope to see you there this weekend. Incidentally, we are still running Sagehen Café specials (Friday) and volunteer hours (Saturday 10-12).


The Farm