Summer Life and Times

Hello all!

Happy happy summer. May the long days bring you extra time of leisure, may the sun’s brighter shine bring you extra moments of warmth. Here at the farm, the plants are busily humming away, the hummingbirds are busy flitting here and there and the fleets of squirrels hiding out in the wash are no doubt scheming their invasion. This summer we’ll be hosting the Summer Recreation program for kids of PO Staff and Faculty, teaching a farm class for PAYS, and hosting the students of the Palomares Spiritual Empowerment Program. We’ll also echo last year’s transition in power in June (it appears my reign is coming to an end), but more on that later. In summer things tend to speed up and slow down at the same time, and our offerings to you remain a serene space to soak it all in and a few peaches. Come on by and visit! These emails will become sparse over the summer, but know that you are welcome at the farm, and that we will still be having farm specials at the Sagehen Café and volunteer hours on saturdays from 10-12pm, with produce as payment and appreciation.
That is all, friends! See you on the other side of lazy branches.

The Farm